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  1. Manny E says:

    ii have tried many attempts to trey to hook up to jroot via net/app on various different computers and had no sucess, i have sent u msgs and no response. this site has no active live radio stream .

    • admin says:

      did u download the new app called “jroot radio PRO” the old one have no stream the new one does have
      try use the link to download from the main page

    • Eda Kram says:

      I would like to find out the cost of placing an ad on your station. I tried calling the number you have listed and left message but have not heard back. Can you please email them to me.

  2. Fayge Holtzberg says:

    hi what is the number to call in to a show?

  3. abc says:

    Is there any way to listen to live radio on the computer? I tried clicking on ‘listen live’ but nothing happens?

  4. Rifkey Moskowitz says:

    I have a gemach for baby equipment for mothers of multiple births. BH so many multiples born now – I can use baby equipment for the gemach. As people are cleaning for Pesach – how can I publicize to have people donate any baby equipment they are no longer using?

  5. matis says:

    hi is there any way to listen live from a desktop computer online?

  6. drk says:

    Its not working to listen live on the computer or phone. How can I get it to work?

  7. Dovid says:

    You can also listen live by calling (712) 432 4217

  8. chanie rosenblum says:

    I* miss the radio program. I wish you could open up once again. That surely would enhance our lives.

  9. maital dayan says:

    J root radio is a station that improves the quality of lives for so many people .. we need it back on air full time please! We looove this station!

  10. SC says:

    Is there a way to see a playlist of the songs played because sometimes i hear a song I like and I would like to know who’s song it is. Thanks

  11. katrin federle says:

    This show is wonderful! I’ve learned so much this afternoon. The question that I was heaving heavy on my heart was even partly answered. You’re such a blssing! How do the thirteen principles of faith fit in that picture? Is this topic going to be picked up again, and if so when? It’s so vital!

  12. Yehuda says:

    I’ve been listening to the same 10 songs play over and over

  13. Is jroute coming back on air? If yes, when? We miss the station to our souls.

  14. Perele says:

    Please tell me the 718 number to listen live.

  15. David Goren says:

    I’m hearing jroot radio on 95.1 near Brooklyn College. While it’s wonderful to hear this programming on the air, isn’t it illegal to broadcast on FM without a license? I’m very worried that this will bring shame to our community if you are caught.

  16. yoseph says:

    My family is really enjoying Rabbi Tahan’s show Thank you Rabbi and Thank you Jroot

  17. noson says:

    dear jroot raido i love you i try to listen as much as i could because i have homework have a happy purim take care noson katz

  18. sara says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing show! I love keeping my connection to frum yidden alive all day as i work in my (non-jewish) office!

  19. michael says:

    why aren’t you playing a kumzits in the rain, my favorite accapella CD?

  20. chaim says:

    the hotline doesn’t work, you can’t hear r’ shlomo pearl

  21. Kuchs says:

    This radio show rox!!!!! Great job, Nissim, keep it up!!!

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