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  1. Manny E says:

    ii have tried many attempts to trey to hook up to jroot via net/app on various different computers and had no sucess, i have sent u msgs and no response. this site has no active live radio stream .

    • admin says:

      did u download the new app called “jroot radio PRO” the old one have no stream the new one does have
      try use the link to download from the main page

    • Eda Kram says:

      I would like to find out the cost of placing an ad on your station. I tried calling the number you have listed and left message but have not heard back. Can you please email them to me.

  2. Fayge Holtzberg says:

    hi what is the number to call in to a show?

  3. abc says:

    Is there any way to listen to live radio on the computer? I tried clicking on ‘listen live’ but nothing happens?

  4. Rifkey Moskowitz says:

    I have a gemach for baby equipment for mothers of multiple births. BH so many multiples born now – I can use baby equipment for the gemach. As people are cleaning for Pesach – how can I publicize to have people donate any baby equipment they are no longer using?

  5. matis says:

    hi is there any way to listen live from a desktop computer online?

  6. drk says:

    Its not working to listen live on the computer or phone. How can I get it to work?

  7. Dovid says:

    You can also listen live by calling (712) 432 4217

  8. What's going on says:

    What kind of chilul hashem got you thrown off the air?

  9. chanie rosenblum says:

    I* miss the radio program. I wish you could open up once again. That surely would enhance our lives.

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